„a beautiful mind – ein Schmuckstück für Cranach“

L.C. – „let’s colour“ transforms jewelry into an experience suitable for children. Why should jewelry be permanent when you can find a piece of paper that wants to be painted? Why should jewelry not be able to change through use? Instead of restoration, the focus is on wear and tear. „Let’s Colour“ works with pigments fixed in wax which have been melted down and used to create jewelry which then becomes art again. The pigments,Lucas Cranach d.J. working material, become my working material. The model for the individual elements of the necklace is the jewelry worn by his portrayed persons. Just in a simplified, stylized, iconic form.

Besides painting, Lucas Cranach the Younger was also a good businessman. There is more to it than just the product! Besides the necklace, L.C. also comes with a painting book and packaging. The enclosed coloring book includes a selection of portraits. Through the coloring book the children learn playfully about the works of Lucas Cranach the Younger, develop them further, change mood, color and composition. 

Material: melted wax crayons

national JEWELLERY COMPETITION announced by Kunststiftung of Saxony-Anhalt 2014

PHOTO: Kunststiftung des landes sachsen-anhalt /Rene Arnold

Productphoto: Stephanie Hensle