At her 3-Month scholarship at „deutsches Technikmuseum“ Berlin, supported by the company C.Hafner Pforzheim, Stephanie Hensle dealed with the topic „animals“, but always dead, in form of a fox fur, fishes on the hook or an entomological collection. Jewellery meets death – beauty and death.

Out of seriel stamping forms for pendants, earrings or bracelets, which where manufactured in mass-production, Stephanie Hensle created new unique jewellery by assambling and combining them new. Serial mass production meets contemporary jewellery.

Fishscales, feathering and fur are composed out of partly needle etched metal blanks, which are delivered of their original specifications, being a pendant or earring.

3500 stamped blanks, 40 needle etched metal sheets. Taskwork – „business as usal“ back then at the jewellery factories of Pforzheim. 

Material: brass, silber, paint, leather

C.Hafner Scholarship 2012/13

PHOTOS: Janusch Tschech